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Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL), as its name suggests, replaces the traditional lubrication (flood coolant) by a mix of air/lubricant sprayed in a very small and controlled quantity. The air flow will cool continuously the workpiece and the tool while the micro-droplets of lubricant will ensure a proper lubrication.

This technology allows you to ensure to use the right quantity of lubricant at the right place.

According to many studies, MQL is the most optimal way to cool a tool.
Through constant monitoring of the air/lubricant mix, the tool cooling process is better controled and thus the tool lifetime is optimized.

The Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) can be apply on the tool or the workpiece by 2 different ways:

• Internal Minimum Quantity Lubrication : The lubricant is applied through the spindle, the tool holder
and the tool straight to the point between the tool and the workpiece
• External Minimum Quantity Lubrication : The lubricant is sprayed through a nozzle exactly where
the lubrication is needed.


Dedicated to metal processing industry, either by chipping or deformation, this technology performs particularly well in machining of all materials operations.



Fast Payback – Increase Productivity
  • significant decrease of lubricant consumption
  • significant reduction of non-added value operation (cleaning, machine supervision, evacuation and treatment of chips, bins emptying…)
  • reduction of hidden costs (workflow cleaning costs, maintenance decrease …)
  • direct savings on lubricant filters, treatment systems
  • easy and quick set up
Increased Tools Lifetime
  • tools lifetime increase up to 30%
  • direct saving on purchases
  • less time spent for tools changes
  • reduction of machines downtime
  • reduction of manufacturing time
Easier Chips Treatment
  • dry chips
  • higher value chips
  • less reconditioning operations (no need to dry the chips anymore, some chips can be melted directly on site …)
  • less investment needed for chips reconditioning
Dry pieces ready-to-use
  • no more degreasing operations and degreasing machines
  • significant time savings in production (less handling)


Better surface finishing
  • better surface finishing of the machined parts
  • easier machine settings thanks to a perfect visibility of the working area
Clean and healthy work environment
  • no more lubricant projections, no more bin overflow
  • workshop permanently clean
  • better use of the full capacity of the machines tools
  • substancial reduction in machinery cleaning costs (workflow, tools, parts and chips)
  • fewer allergies and more pleasant environment
  • elimination of bacteria problems in soluble oils baths
Eco-Friendliness of your business
  • anticipation of future environmental rules
  • reduction of the risk of pollution
  • reduction of waste (lubricant, tools, degreaser, dirty chips, used cutting fluids)
  • a green image for your company
Several studies claim that the transition to the Minimum Quantity Lubrication allows a saving of 8 to 16% on overall production costs.


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Volumetric micro pumps inject small amounts (max 5.4 ml / min) of lubricant through a capillary tube to the nozzle.
In parallel, a second capillary supplies the low pressure air to the nozzle.
This technology allows to spray an air/lubricant mix to a precise area while ensuring the optimum amount of lubricant at the right place and an air cooling of the tool/parts contact zone.

These micro-lubrication systems are available either as standard products or custom solutions and are distinguished according to their different control, adjustment and integration levels.

The PulseLub range :
  • Eco-PulseLub : ready-to-use kit for 1 to 2 spray points (from 395 € (VAT excl.))
  • PulseLub : cabinet with easier pressure and oil flow adjustments
  • PulseLub-C+ : more elaborate cabinet enabling seamless integration with the CNC machine PLC
  • CS-PulseLub : fully customized cabinet according to your specifications
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The lubricant is kept pressurized in a tank and sent to the micro-lubrication nozzles.
An independent air capillary sprays the liquid to the targeted work area.
This system provides a very reactive response to the lubrication and a continuous and controlled flow of air / lubricant.




The UPLub range :
  • UPLub : ready-to-use kit for 1 to 4 spray points
  • CS-UPLub : fully customized cabinet according to your specifications
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These fully automated systems are integrated on new CNC machine tools but also as part of retrofited machines. From a central cabinet and through a gear pump,these systems provide a mix of air/lubricant up to 16 points of micro-lubrication.
These tailor-made systems are developed according to your needs with the following components:

  • main cabinet with PLC, buffer tank and pump
  • automatic filling station
  • secondary cabinet delivering the lubricant to the nozzles
  • spindle integrated lubrication crown
  • lubrication through the spindle center with single or dual-channel rotary joints